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Larry Walsh


Larry and his team have a proven track-record for successfully developing numerous subdivisions in Louisiana and South Walton. Most recently Larry worked as a General Contractor for the DR Horton team and while with them developed and built over 100 homes in the South Walton market. Larry is one of only 2 Builders that Ron and his team would currently recommend for multi-family homes. Larry understands the unique requirements associated with “attached family housing” and has been able to stay on budget and on schedule where most other area builders simply cannot. At approximately $84/sq.ft. for The Verandas Larry’s team is a solid 20% below any other area builders quoted costs. Ron has been instrumental in finding Larry and helped bring him to the past Owner, Karl Wagner, after interviewing 9 other area builders. Larry also brings a solid sub-contractor crew that is dependable and that stays on schedule. Ron and his team are already working with Larry on several other smaller single-family homes and all of the Customers have praised Larry and most importantly they “enjoy” working with him. Larry and Brent are pleasant and understand that we are all Customer-focused and need to keep our Owners and our end-use Buyers happy. Since our Owners have already met and approved Larry we again assume we have delivered a quality Contractor that we can count on to support our Marketing activities and that will work proactively with us to meet or exceed our sales goals. Larry has assured Ron that he can meet the production schedules once we begin our Sales and marketing activities.

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